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FC1500-250-WG Optical Frequency Comb

TERA K15 All fiber-coupled Terahertz Spectrometer. Data sheets. TERA K15 ·
TERA K15-Chinese Datasheet. Product literature. Discover the World of THz ·
THz ...

Terahertz spectroscopy | Menlo Systems

Applications /. Terahertz spectroscopy. Terahertz spectroscopy is a rapidly
evolving field with interesting applications in medical imaging, security, scientific

Non-Destructive Testing of Plastic Compound Materials Destructive%20Testing%20of%20Plastic%20Compound%20Materia...

The TERA K15 (Fig. 1) is a compact and fully fiber coupled turn-key THz time-
domain spectrometer. It is using Menlo Systems' innovative Figure-9 fiber laser, ...

TERA OSCAT High-speed Terahertz Spectrometer

Feedback? Click here. Related products. TERA K15 All fiber-coupled Terahertz
Spectrometer. TERA K15 · Applications · Applications · Application Notes.

New Features 2018

All our THz-TDS systems with optomechanical scanning unit, the TERA K15 and
the TeraSmart, from now on provide an increased spectral bandwidth of >5 THz ...

In- and Offline Quality Control of Rubber Fabrication

MENLO SYSTEMS TerahertzTimeDomainSolution TERA K15 THzStrecke Extern
AN 3w. Fig. 1: TERA K15 THz-TDS assembled as a transmission setup.

Quality Control of Chocolate Products with THz Imaging

1: TERA K15 THz-TDS system assembled in transmission geometry. MENLO THz
Chocolate Quality an 2014 09 THz pulse 400x281 3w. Fig. 2: THz pulses ...

Quality inspection | Menlo Systems

Applications /. Quality inspection. THZ Quality Inspection A promising application
of Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging is the quality inspection and process ...

TeraSmart Compact Industry-Proven Terahertz Spectrometer

complete system for time-domain Terahertz spectroscopy for 1.5 ┬Ám optical
wavelength; all PM fiber solution; Terahertz imaging option available.

Orientation of Fibers in Polymers

2: TERA K15 assembled in transmission geometry. MENLO THz Orientation in
Fibers pic 2014 06 LCP sample 400x283 3w Fig. 3: Photograph of an LCP ...

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