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Jan 24, 2013 ... laminar interspace and air bubbles or shrinkholes are clearly visible data
acquisition time: approx. 5 hr with TERA K15 with TERA OSCAT.

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Oct 1, 2013 ... Extension unit available for TERA K8, TERA K15, and TERA OSCAT, enabling
fully automated THz imaging in transmission geometry. Includes ...

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Nov 2, 2017 ... TERA K15 ·
.pdf. Mar 1, 2018 ... Reflection Guide. Quick Manual ...

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The Terahertz time domain spectrometers TERA K15 and TERA OSCAT also
benefit greatly from the new lasers. In combination with the 2015 generation of ...

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A true highlight of the booth has been the do-it-yourself live setup of the TERA
K15 with online thickness measurement of coatings. Our new generation of ...

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TERA K15 ·
-02_3w .pdf. RRE-SYNCRO. 重复频率稳定装置. 用于稳定重复频率的反馈电路.

Welding quality control by THz webversion_01 %20Quality%20Control%20of%20Plastic%20Joints%20with%20TH...

coupled system is preferred, such as the Menlo Systems TERA K15 THz time-
domain spectroscopy (TDS) system. Fig.1: Time traces of THz pulses measured
in ...


approx. 15 min. Data aquisition time: 1/60 s. Data aquisition time: approx. 5 hr.
Data aquisition time: approx. 15 min with teRa K15 with teRa oSCat. 57 x 60 mm²

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<500 µm* (平移台分辨率<100 µm) y方向分辨率. <500 µm* (平移台分辨率<100 µm
). 扫描速度. TERA K15. 最高达20 data pixels/second. TeraSmart. TERA ASOPS.

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