Femtosecond Erbium Laser

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Advanced Features and Benefits  

  • High Stability
  • Low Amplitude and Phase Noise
  • All-PM Solution
  • Single Mode-Lock State
  • figure 9® Technology, Laser Output in Less than 60 Seconds
  • Excellent Price/Performance Ratio
  • Compact Design
T-Light FC
Central Wavelength 1560 nm ± 20 nm 1560 nm ± 20 nm
Average Power  >120 mW >100 mW
Pulse Energy  >1.2 nJ  >1.0 nJ
Pulse Width  <90 fs <90 fs *
Repetition Rate 100 MHz 100 MHz
Repetition Rate Instability <1 ppm over 90 hours at constant temperature <1 ppm over 90 hours at constant temperature
Timing Jitter  <2 fs [rms, 10 kHz.. 10 MHz] <2 fs [rms, 10 kHz.. 10 MHz]
Output Port free space fiber-coupled (FC/APC)**
Polarization linear, s-polarized linear, PM fiber
Beam Height 60 mm  

* After 2.5 m external PM patch cord. Inquire for other user-defined fiber lengths. ** Two fiber coupled output ports with user-defined splitting ratios available.


The T-Light is a robust and compact turn-key femtosecond fiber laser. It offers exceptional performance for a variety of applications, from ultrafast spectroscopy to THz physics. The laser design is based on polarization (PM) maintaining fiber components, which is the key to stable operation. Menlo Systems’ unique figure 9® mode locking technology ensures reproducible and long-term stable operation. The result is a reliable fiber laser source, designed for 24/7 operation.

Amplitude noise < 0.2% / °C peak to peak with temperature cycling from 15 to 35°C


T Light Noise 3w

Reproducibility. Identical and consistent laser performance

T Light Reprocibility 3w

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