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Photoactivation for optogenetics
Photoactivation is a hot topic in neuroscience. An application that is power hungry. BlueCut is a perfect match - high average power of >10 W, high pulse energies of >10 µJ, and flexible repetition rates from single pulses to 10 MHz. Contact our expert if you need fiber delivery to the target with zero influence on the pulse length.

Adding new wavelengths: 515 nm now available
We have added BlueCut 515 to our BlueCut line of products. BlueCut 515 features two output ports in parallel, 515 nm and 1030 nm, respectively, with freely tunable power ratio.

Menlo figure 9® technology outperforms other laser technologies
BlueCut laser models are based on Menlo figure 9® technology. Guaranteeing highest stability and highest user-friendliness.

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